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BASALT - an industry on the move

Basalt is more than stone . Fibers derived from basalt are spun gold . If you melt the stone , incurring fibers open up the unprecedented technical possibilities . Where these things are headed , we want to explore in the coming years in a network of companies and research institutions .

Basalt fibers are a cutting-edge material . Starting from the spun fibers made ​​of stone there is a huge potential for a wide range of industries : The textile industry supplies the automotive industry , mechanical engineering and construction to environmental engineering companies .

Visionary companies and research institutions that have recognized the potential of basalt fiber and would like to use economically , have joined forces in basalt fiber network . Together they will explore the possibilities for technical application of basalt fiber further develop reliable quality and new applications .

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Mäntel aus Basalt-Gestrick schützen Meeres-Bojen
Innovationspreis der „Techtextil 2017“ für Neuentwicklung eines sächsisch-thüringischen Firmennetzwerks

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31. 5. bis 2. 6. 2016
mtex, the discoverer fair in Chemnitz and we in the middle!
Discoverer fair for product development and process optimization in all industries and the Czech Republic is the first partner country at the 6th International Fair for Technical Textiles mtex +