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Applications of the basalt fiber

" Basalt fabrics are everywhere, at the point where it literally sizzle - in industrial exhaust systems or in the engine compartment of vehicles , for example . Basalt fibers withstand temperatures up to 800 ° C . They are highly resistant, flexible , non-toxic , non-carcinogenic , chemical resistant and UV stable - the ways in which , using these fibers , that are very promising . " Dr. Heike Illing-Günther, STFI

Application examples :

Textile and basalt

For the activity of the basalt fiber network , in particular the application of the basalt fiber for reinforcing textile surfaces of interest.

Fabric , fleece, knits , scrims , ribbons , ropes - all these applications are examples of textile structures can be reinforced with basalt fibers. For the following technical applications , a use of basalt fibers due to the current research is feasible and partially lined with already first practical experience :

Exciting examples of specific research and development projects in which the basalt fiber network partners work , can be found here.